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How To Be Successful At Reseller Hosting

Published on October 5, 2011 by in Uncategorized

The Internet has been a medium that has been used by thousands to create wealth. One of the more popular means of making money is in the web hosting industry. Many have done so by being a web host reseller. It is a great way to make serious money or side income if you are doing this part time. The advantage to being a reseller hosting is that you can use the resources that you have for yourself and the remaining resources that you do not need can be sold for a profit. Like any other business ventures, you will face competition from others so you would need to find ways to gain a competitive edge over them.

One of the key factors to success in the reseller hosting industry lies in the branding of your hosting plan. It is important that your branding portrays a good image about you. It should be able to gain the customer’s trust while portraying professionalism. Most customers will lose faith in you if they think that you are merely a middleman reselling your hosting package. As most middlemen are only concerned about earning commission and thus do not place any importance on the customer’s welfare. Customers will usually rather spend a bit more on a plan offered by a proper company rather than from a middleman who may not offer top notch customer support. Therefore, you should brand your business in such a way that it instils confidence and shows professionalism.

Like any other businesses, you will need a target market. Usually, the biggest potential target market will be people who are new to web hosting. They usually do not have any experience in web hosting previously and may be looking for one for the first time. As they do not have much experience in web hosting, you could attract them by offering plans that are user friendly. One of the ways to do so is by including web design in the plan; this way you save them a lot of time and hassle figuring out a web design. To ensure that these new webmasters notice your promotion, you should market your plans aggressively at places that they may visit such as forums, Facebook, chat rooms, web hosting directories, and blogs.

You could also try to market your plans to potential offline customers. You could try spreading the news via word of mouth. You could try approaching small businesses or individuals at your local town and tell them how reseller hosting could benefit them by opening new opportunities that previously weren’t possible. If you are able to tap into this potential market, you would find yourself rather successful in the reseller hosting industry.

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